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Click here for current job openings in Portage County Government


Use OhioMeansJobs to search for job openings and post your resumes:

Ohio MEANS Jobs - Portage makes it easy to find the employment and training service to meet your needs. Our agencies have a long history of serving people. We work with you to help connect you to appropriate training providers and to local employers.

Two females wearing hardhatsInstructions and a toll free number to register for unemployment benefits over the  phone is listed on the Employment and Training page.

At Ohio MEANS Jobs Resource Center in Ravenna: 

  • Use the Internet accessible computers to post resumes, search for jobs and
    locate additional Employment and Training Resources

  • Explore career possibilities in our library of books and videos.

  • Learn or practice word processing and other skills with our software tutorials.

Two female students with booksIn addition to the many free services, some of  our partner agencies provide additional education and training services for individuals who qualify. Eligibility for these additional services is normally based on family income, layoffs due to business closures or other special circumstances. Employment services for senior workers are provided by the Senior Worker Action Program  See Employment and Training for more details.  

Female reading newspaperIf you need additional assistance such as finding out about new careers, help with job search, preparing your resume or just some help getting familiar with the Internet, visit Ohio MEANS Jobs - Portage located in Ravenna at 449 S Meridian St, 1st floor. Computers with internet access are also available at local libraries.

13 Things to do in the Resource Center

1. Resume/Cover Letters
We encourage you to complete a resume (located on the tall information carousel)
For more information on resumes, please review the resource materials found in the resource center:

Gallery of the Best Cover Letters
Cover Letters- They Don’t Forget
Designing Creative Resumes
The Resume Writer’s Workbook


Resumes and Job Applications
Resumes and Applications for People with disabilities
Resumes and Job Applications- From Parole to Payroll
Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

Once you have collected your employment & skill information, you can select from over 5 formatted resume styles found in the “Resume Basics” packet (located in the bottom of the tall information carousel).

Once you have completed your resume, save it to a OMJ disk, and have a OMJ staff member review it, you can select from several styles of resume paper and print up to 10 copies.

2. Interview Preparation
We have many resource book and videos to assist you in preparing for the interview. These are found throughout the Resource Center. We recommend:

Knock ‘Em Dead- Interviewing
Savvy Interviewing
The Interview Rehearsal Book
Job Interviews Made Easy
Interview for Success

Job Interviews for People with Disabilities
Interviewing Skills for Job Candidates with Learning and Other Hidden Disabilities
Succeeding in Your Interview

We also encourage you to research the company you are interviewing with. Information may be available on-line or in one of the Ohio Business Directories located at the front desk.

Mock or practice interviews can also be scheduled can to help prepare you for the interview.

3. Career Development
We have information available to assist you in planning your career. We have a 2 hour workshop available-please see a staff member for a workshop schedule.

4. Tutorials
We have several typing tutorials available to help you learn the keyboard and increase your speed. We also have software tutorials for Windows XP, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. All of these are available; you must ask someone at the front desk to get them for you. They can be used at any computer station.

5. E-mail
We encourage you to set up a free e-mail account through Yahoo or Hotmail. Many of the on-line job banks require you to have an e-mail account to apply for positions on-line. We allow you to set up and access the account for job search related correspondence.

6. Applications
We have numerous applications for area employers. They are available through the front desk or our state workers. We also encourage you to fill out a “Master Application” this is a generic application that you carry with you when filling out applications. It is a useful tool to keep all of you employment history, dates and phone numbers organized and available each time you complete an application. Ask a staff member for a copy.

7. Fax Machine
We have a fax machine located at the front desk that can be used to send faxes for employment and career-related purposes. There is no charge to send a fax. Our front desk staff is always happy to send faxes for you. We ask that you record any long-distance faxes.

8. Phones
We have public phones set up at the first and fifth computer stations (back row) for you to use for employment and career-related calls. We also allow you to make long-distance calls but ask that you record the call on the phone log located at each phone station.

9. Copier
We have a photo copier located in our office that can be used to copy resumes, applications or resource information. There is no fee for this service. We ask that you limit the copies to 10 per visit.

10. Career Development
We have numerous resources to assist you in researching and developing a career plan. We encourage you to review the books and software located throughout the Resource Center. There are also many resources available on-line. We suggest that you start with the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

11. Video Library
We have an assortment of job-search and career-related videos throughout the Resource Center. Please see a staff member at the front desk if you would like to view one.

12. Job Search
We have job leads available on the bulletin board in the Resource Center. We also have a copy of the classified employment ads from the Portage County Record Courier daily-please feel free to ask a staff member to make a copy of the ads that you are interested in. See the OMJ Job Search Calendar for the current schedule and job search activities.

13.  UI lines to register for unemployment

In addition to the “visible” job leads, we also encourage you to use other methods of locating job leads. We suggest that you attend the Go! Workshop (Where Are the Jobs?) and use the videos, books and software available to learn the most recommended techniques of job search


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